Twitter is finally rolling out new Ticketed Spaces

Ticketed Space

Twitter is finally starting to roll out new Ticketed Spaces, a feature that allows creators to charge for access to its live audio chat feature. The company began taking applications for the feature in June this year but had yet to flip it on until this week.

However, it sounds like it could still be a while until many people gain access to the new feature. Twitter said that the initial rollout will be iOS only and limited to just “some” hosts who have previously applied.

Those who do gain access could make a decent amount of cash from the new feature, assuming they can find a big enough audience willing to pay. Twitter has said that hosts can keep up to 97 percent of their first $50,000 in earnings and up to 80 percent on anything over $50,000. Hosts are also able to set their own prices for tickets and choose how many tickets to make available.

Ticketed Spaces is just one of several monetizations features Twitter is working on as it looks to shift its platform to be more creator-friendly. The company is also experimenting with many new things like Super Follows, in-app tipping, and paid newsletters.

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